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Blistering in the Bären group

More security.
More control.
More comfort.

In the pharmacies of the Bären-Verbund, we offer a safe and convenient alternative to everyday medication chaos with blistering. This makes blistering a real advantage for patients, doctors, hospitals, long-term care facilities and assisted living facilities.

Precise and safe medication preparation
with many advantages

Blistering is an effective method of preparing medicines. It is used to prepare medicines in individual daily doses or dosages and present them in convenient sealed packages.

Blisters are special, transparent bags. Each of these blisters contains the required dose of medication for a specific time of day. Our state-of-the-art blistering facility, operated by specially trained pharmacists, assists us in this process.

To avoid confusion, the blisters are printed with important information such as the patient's name, date of birth, name of the institution, day of the week, time of administration, instructions for administration, contents, quantity, active ingredient and batch number of the medication. After the blisters are filled, they are additionally documented without gaps.

Simplified medication

Blistering makes it much easier to take medicines. The medicines are already pre-portioned and clearly labelled, so that mix-ups and dosage errors are avoided.

Safety in medication

Blistering minimises potential errors in dosing. Each pack contains exactly the right amount of medication for a given time, reducing the likelihood of over- or under-dosing.

Medication control

Blistering enables better control over the intake of the medication. It is easy to track if and when a certain dose was taken, as the packages are marked and dated accordingly.

Time saving

Blistering saves time, both for nursing staff in care facilities and for private individuals at home. The medicines are already prepared and no longer have to be portioned manually, which considerably reduces the administrative workload.

Increased medication safety

Blistering allows interactions between different medicines to be better identified and avoided. Professionals can check the packaging for potential interactions and take appropriate action if


Precise dosages

Precise dosing and a highly qualified team completely avoid incorrect dosing.

Efficient use of time

The nursing staff saves valuable time in preparing the medication, so that more time is available for the individual care of the residents.

Transparency and traceability

Each blister bag is photographed and digitally archived to ensure complete monitoring of correct portioning. This information also flows into the documentation.

Expert information

Digital data sheets with clear photos and detailed descriptions are available for each medicine.

Highest hygiene standards

Hygienic packaging ensures optimum cleanliness and freedom from contamination.

Individual care

Packaging is according to individual intake timing and includes important instructions for maximum effectiveness.

Relief from administrative tasks

The automated blistering system frees patients from time-consuming tasks such as medication and prescription management.

Simplified inventory management

There is no need to reorder medicines manually. The digital archive and the automatic tracking of medication cycles provide an up-to-date overview of the inventory.

Blistering for patients

Medication without worries

Our top priority is your medication safety. Our experienced pharmacists continuously check your required medications for potential interactions. You can be confident that you will always receive the correct and tolerated medication to support your health in the best possible way.

We would like to make your everyday life easier and enable you to take your medication comfortably. Thanks to blister packaging, our medicines are already packed for you in practical, ready-dosed units. This eliminates the tedious handling of dosages, reduces the risk of confusion and makes it easier to adhere to correct intake times.

Blistering for facilities

Medication for maximum treatment success

Doctors and health professionals

benefit from our blistering through improved monitoring and management of their patients' medication. With pre-portioned packaging, they can ensure that the right medicines are taken at the right time. Our clear labelling facilitates communication with patients and supports adherence to prescribed treatment plans.

Hospitals and clinics

appreciate our blistering services for more efficient and accurate medication delivery. Pre-portioned medicines are delivered to patients quickly and reliably, resulting in increased patient safety and reduced workload for nursing staff.

Long-term care facilities

rely on our blistering to simplify medication management. Our precise packaging facilitates the distribution of medication to residents and minimises the risk of dosing errors. This ensures compliance with prescribed medication schedules and keeps residents healthier for longer.

Assisted living and senior residences

rely on our blistering services to ensure a safe and accurate supply of medication. Our pre-portioned packages facilitate the correct intake of medication and enable careful monitoring by staff. For residents who stay vital for longer.